Whisky Cask Ownership

Do You Dream of Buying Your Own Whisky Casks?

Read on to find out how.

Spirits Castle works with various partners in Scotland to curate a list of excellent whisky casks for our clients. At the moment, we are only offering Scotch whisky cask ownership. We work closely with our partners to provide a varied list to cater to different preferences of our clients. If you want to join us as a cask owner, get in touch with us at sales@spiritscastle.sg! Alternatively, you can download our cask ownership brochure to have a look at the process.

The Benefits of Buying Whisky Casks from Spirits Castle

There are quite a few companies offering whisky cask ownership programs in Singapore. Every firm provides unique casks and services to our clients. At Spirits Castle, we want to be upfront about what we can provide to all our valued clients.

100% local business

Spirits Castle is registered in Singapore. Our home-grown brand makes us approachable and accessible to anyone who buys a whisky cask from us. The team is always just a phone call or text away, which makes all the difference when you request information about your cask. It is also easier for you to arrange a visit to see your cask in Scotland after the world gets rid of Covid-19.

Provides Overview of Upfront Costs

Not everyone will provide you with most of the upfront costs involved in whisky cask ownership. However, we believe in transparency and trust. Therefore, we give an overview of the costs before you commit to a cask. That is a promise that we want to give all our clients.

Mature Whisky on Your Terms

Spirits Castle offers services such as re-racking the whisky into new casks if the original one begins to perform less than optimal. We also can finish your whisky in other casks if you would like to do so. From purchasing the cask until the bottling, we will be with you all the way!

Insurance Available

Investing in a whisky cask is a joy, and we want to give you a choice of insuring them. We partner with an insurance company in Scotland to provide an affordable insurance policy for your cask should you wish to take up protection for your properties in the warehouse.

Flexible Investments

Your investment period is yours to decide. We do not control how long or short you want to hold the whisky cask before bottling or selling it on. What we will do is to provide support and recommendations through the information that we have. When it is time for you to bottle your whisky, we will assist you in bottling it. If you want to sell the cask, we will help you to sell. The support to our whisky cask owners will be from the start to the end.

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More Details to be Found

To better understand the different terminology used in cask ownership, please refer to our guide

Keen to buy or invest in a whisky cask but worried that you do not know enough to do it? Check out our blog to find curated contents designed to help you. 

For more information or to speak with us, contact us at sales@spiritscastle.sg or download our Cask Ownership Brochure.


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