TBD Puffing Billy Steam Vodka

TBD Puffing Billy Steam Vodka

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Distillery: The Borders Distillery
Status: Operational
Location: Scottish Borders
Abv: 40% abv
Vol: 70cl
Packaging: TBC

More about the product:

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka takes its name from the Carterhead Still in The Borders Distillery. It is an unfiltered vodka made from barley spirit distilled from the copper stills of the distillery. 

The vodka is steamed through charcoal to preserve the delicious flavours and soft textures and create an incredible creamy mouthfeel. It works well with various cocktails and you can even sip it on its own. Anyone who thinks that vodka has no taste need to try this to taste the difference!



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