TBD Lower East Side Blended Malt *Bundle Deal*

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~The Borders Bundle Promotion~

Mix up long drinks in the comfort of your home with our Borders Bundle Promotion! Get 3 bottles of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water or Soda Water (200ml/bottle) when you buy a bottle of Lower East Side Blended Malt! 

Distillery: The Borders Distillery
Status: Operational
Location: Scottish Borders
Abv: 40% abv
Vol: 70cl
Packaging: TBC

More about the product:

TBD brought together seven malt whiskies from across Scotland, and blend them into the Lower East Side Blended Malt. Matured 100% in American oak cask, the whisky sports vanilla, almond and honey notes, with a wee hint of smoke. 

Perfectly served neat, on the rocks or in a Manhattan!  


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