Edradour - The Warrior Series Set

Edradour - The Warrior Series Set

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Distillery: Edradour
Status: Operational
Location: Highland, Scotland
Vintage: 2004, 2005, 2006
Age: 11 Years, 10 Years, 9 Years Old
Whisky Type: Single Malt
Cask Type: First-fill Oloroso Sherry Casks
ABV: 59.2% abv, 55.9% abv, 60.3% abv
Volume: 500ml each
Packaging: Come in three individual customised wooden boxes

Kindly note that these bottles are 500ml each. 

More about the products:

Edradour is a Highland single malt made in a picturesque distillery. It uses mostly sherry casks with a very limited run of whisky in bourbon casks. The sherry casks from Edradour are of excellent qualities, and you can tell right from the first sip of the whisky. 

The bottles here are independently bottled by a Taiwanese business called "Hong Fu Yang Hang". The owner of the business is a lady who is well respected in the industry by many. She is knowledgeable in all things whisky and is known as the "Sherry Lady" because most of her bottlings are from sherried whiskies. The bottles also featured the three generals from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms in an artistic manner. 


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