Chichibu London Edition 2020

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Distillery: Chichibu
Status: Operational
Location: Chichibu, Japan
Vintage: None
Age: Non-Age Statement
Whisky Type: Single Malt
Cask Type: Unknown, likely a bourbon cask
ABV: 53.5% abv
Volume: 700ml
Packaging: Standard Paper Box

Bottled for The Whisky Show 2020

More about the product:

Chichibu is a Japanese distillery located in the town of Chichibu. Helmed by Ichiro-san, it has an excellent reputation of distilling and bottling pure Japanese single malts. Chichibu distillery is also well-known to be an honest bottler - if they bottle a blend that holds liquid outside of Japan, they will put the information on the label! Chichibu has reached "God-like" status these days and bottles are so hard to come by that people will pay huge amount of money for them. 

This bottle you see here is bottled for The Whisky Show 2020. 


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