Bunnahabhain Over 10 Years Old Artist #10

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Distillery: Bunnahabhain 
Status: Operational
Location: Islay, Scotland
Vintage: 2009
Bottled: 2020
Cask Type: First-fill Sherry Butt
Cask No: 900086
ABV: 67.1%

Volume: 70cl
Packaging: LMDW Special Wooden Box

About the product:

A bottle from LMDW's Artist 10th anniversary collection, this Bunnahabhain comes from a fresh first-fill sherry butt. Aged over 10 years by the coast of Islay, the whisky is rich and elegant. 

Tasting Notes:

Rich and elegant. Immediately on the first nose, notes of dark chocolate, malted barley and other more medicinal notes (camphor, ointment) clearly take hold of the senses. After this extremely dynamic and powerful opening, apricot, musk, lime blossom honey and aromas of sage and absinthe bring the aromatic palette lots of complexity and originality. Next, thick smoke rings escape from a Havana cigar with a particularly earthy flavour.

Frank, invigorating. Wavering between chocolate and spices (clove, cardamom), the palate is also herbaceous (malted barley) and medicinal (sleet, iodine tincture). On the mid-palate, heady florals (broom, mimosa), iris butter and bitter orange appear alongside exotic fruit (mango, guava) and pine resin. The deliciously rich (gianduja, cagé crème) end of the palate restores the flavours of pipe tobacco.

Long, very energetic. At the start of the finish, the malted barley and sherry have found perfect balance, bringing out all of the complexity of an oily yet floral distillate (lavender, lilac). Later, magnificent oxidation with flavours of rancio (brandy cherries, raspberry brandy) and camphor draw the tasting out infinitely. On the retro-nasal olfaction, roasted pineapple returns to the exotic character of the mid-palate. The fermentary and earthy empty glass is a veritable ode to malted barley. Outstanding.


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