Ben Nevis 1996 24 Years Old

Ben Nevis 1996 24 Years Old

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Distillery: Ben Nevis
Status: Operational
Location: Highland, Scotland
Vintage: 1996
Age: 24 Years Old
Whisky Type: Single Malt 
Cask Type: Refill Hogshead
ABV: 45.9%
Volume: 70cl
Packaging: Comes in standard tubes

More about the product:

Joint Bottling of Dadi Liquor (KH, TW) & The Malt Cask (HK)

Kaohsiung and Hong Kong have a lot in common. The port city, enthusiastic humanities, and even the initials are just the opposite (KaoHsiung-Hong Kong). So we and our friend store "Malt Hall" in Hong Kong decided to collaborate on this "KHK" series! Hope to discover and string together more common ground between the two cities.

Extending the harbour theme, mountains are also natural assets and beautiful scenery owned by both Kaohsiung and Hong Kong, so we selected a barrel of BEN NEVIS, which also has beautiful mountain views, from THE First Editions. Ben Nevis Distillery is named after the foothills of Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Scotland. The water source comes from the snowmelt water on the mountain. After maturation, it has an explosive fruity aroma that fans of BN loves.

1996 is known as the golden vintage of Ben Nevis. This barrel has the classic aroma of peach. The aroma of lychee erupts on the taste buds after the initial peach. The sweetness of mango unfolds in the latter part, with mocha and dark chocolate at the end. Bottled at cask strength of 45.9%, it is extremely approachable and the taste structure is excellent!

Whisky Label design inspiration:

The mountain ridge is formed by the mountains of Kaohsiung and Hong Kong, while the bottom is Ben Nevis (the mountain). The contour line of the mountain marked KHK, representing Kaohsiung & Hong Kong. 

Tasting Notes from Dadi Liquor:

Nose: Muscat grapes, peaches, lychees, vanilla shortbread, hints of baby powder

Palate: Lychees, mangoes, peaches, jasmine tea, slight spices, mocha and dark chocolate coming in towards the end.

Finish: The light bitterness of mocha & dark chocolate linger, balancing the sweetness of tropical fruits. 

Note: The whisky opens up slowly in the glass and bottle. The longer you take to savour the whisky, the more explosive the fruits aromas become. Be patient and you shall be rewarded with a perfect fruit bomb.  


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