Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne

Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne

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Distillery: Tessendier & Fil
Status: Operational
Location: Cognac, Cedex, France
Vintage: NA
Age: A blend of 45 to 55 Years Old cognacs
Cognac Type: Fine Champagne
Cask Type: French Oak
ABV: 40%
Volume: 70cl
Packaging: Comes in a luxurious decanter and box set

*Spirits Castle is the official distributor for Distillerie Tessendier & Fil

More about the product:

Cognac Park is the brainchild of Jerome Tessendier (Owner & Master Blender of Distillerie Tessendier) and Dominic Park, a Scottish man who had a mission to create a cognac unlike others. The 2 of them crafted Cognac Park, and when Park passed away, the brand came fully under Distillerie Tessendier. 

Park Extra is made from 100% ungi blanc grapes from the Grande Champagne region. This terroir is  elegant and distinguished with fine, floral aromas, producing complex eau-de-vie of superior longevity. It is perfect for extremely long ageing in oak casks as the complex eau-de-vie adds on the flavours from the cask without changing its lovely floral and sweet spirit character. 

The Park Extra is also one of our bestsellers. Our customers are raving about the lovely texture and complex flavours they found in the cognac. Many of them are whisky drinkers looking for something different. If you are looking for a value-for-money high-end cognac, this is it!


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